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AAWC works with a wide range of partners to achieve our objectives. To learn more about how to partner with AAWC, please contact For a full list of partners, please see our annual reports.

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  • Belinda Saunders London, United Kingdom via GlobalGiving UK AAWC is a truly inspiring organisation; inspiring in terms of the innovative and successful programmes they run; inspiring in how much of a positive difference they manage to make in so many lives; inspiring how all decisions at every level within the organisation are continuously focussed on the beneficiaries. Apne Aap Women’s Collective always goes above and beyond. It has been a great privilege to see their exceptional work first hand. There is a great deal that can be learnt from the example that AAWC sets. One would be quite fortunate enough to be involved with such an organisation.

  • Hannah Gladman London, United Kingdom via GlobalGiving UK Apne Aap Women’s Collective is a fantastic organisation working under challenging conditions to improve the lives of its beneficiaries in the community. The trust and respect that the beneficiaries have for the AAWC staff is inspiring, and the dedication of the staff towards constantly improving the services they offer is clearly apparent, even in a short visit. I would not hesitate to recommend AAWC to anyone wishing to donate, volunteer or get involved in any way.

  • Laura Bengford Los Angeles, United States via Thomson Reuters Learning about the challenges of women and children in brothel based prostitution and human trafficking has opened my eyes to something I had little knowledge about. The impact AAWC has had in serving this community is impressive and I came away very touched by the passion, dedication, and strength of their management and staff.  It was very rewarding to work together as a team with AAWC to develop a future growth plan that will leverage their existing successful model and apply some of Thomson Reuter’s methods for developing staff and organizations.  I plan to stay in touch, continue to learn about the issues, and share my experience with others in the hope for greater awareness and support.

  • Mike Murray Minnesota, United States via Thomson Reuters AAWC is a true inspiration and a testament to what happens when great people do extraordinary deeds. Thank you for everything you do! I will be in touch.

  • Komala Raja Bangalore, India via Thomson Reuters The week at AAWC has been an experience of my lifetime. It was a humbling experience and the time here has showed me how much I can contribute to the promotion of the community and how to do so. Seeing your success and speaking with the members was very inspiring. I am truly thankful for everything that you have been doing.. Before I didn't think there was much I could do at this point in my life, but now I realize that even the smallest things matter. If I can be of any assistance to you please feel free to call me any time, would be happy to help any way possible!

  • Silvina Sanchez Buenos Aires, Argentina via Thomson Reuters After a full week with you, I go back home touched, inspired and humbled to have met such a wonderful team of passionate social leaders. You can change the world!

  • Pallavi Bhurewar Mumbai, India via Vodafone Foundation People working at AAWC, despite having a choice to work at other spaces, have chosen to work for this one of the toughest issues. Watching them putting their 100% left me awestruck. My love and respect to each of them! Apart from that, I absolutely adored the kids and I’ll keep coming to them for sure. I feel this experience has enriched me in more ways than I had imagined. It has made me more aware of the social sector and of the cause in particular. The learnings I got will surely help me in my future endeavors in social sector.